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Inspirational Poems on Death
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After reading these inspirational Christian poems about death of a loved one and Bible verses on this site, please check out the main
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Bible verse - Psalm 18_2

Romans 10:17

Matthew 5:4

Matthew 5:4

Psalm 18:2

Psalm 18:2

Thank you for visiting my Heaven's Roll Call website where you will find inspirational poems on death and uplifting poems of encouragement. I pray they will help you when grieving the death of a loved one or going through any type of heartache. Christian poetry on death or uplifting verses from the Bible may sometimes help ease the pain. These poems are here to remind you that your Father in heaven walks beside you. I pray each inspirational poem and each Christian verse will help you to know how much you are loved by our Father in Heaven. If you would like a poem emailed to you each month or if you have a prayer request, please click on the contact page shown on the left and register your request.

These uplifting inspirational poems are for individual use only. Feel free to copy any poem so you can frame it as a memorial funeral poem. For a donation in any amount, any poem will be customized and mailed with your loved one's picture/name added. I pray you feel God's presence when you read any of the poems. Walk in faith. God loves you.

On the Heaven's Roll Call website you will receive a compassion and listening ear from a caring new friend in Christ. The ministry is dedicated to helping you through the death of a loved one or any heartache. My only motive is to help you know the love of Jesus while reminding you that you are never alone in your pain. I am committed to helping you in any way I can. My heart is big and so are my shoulders. There are times it may be easier to talk to a stranger than family or friends. You have my word that anything you share with me is between God, you and I. I will never share your name with anyone.

Once you have looked through this website, please visit the main Heaven's Roll Call website where you will find 400+ inspirational poems on various subjects. You can read these uplifting poems of encouragement on the main Heaven's Roll Call website. 

Some of the other categories of poems are illness, cancer, divorce, abuse, dementia, loss of a job and more.

Please consider making a 100% tax deductible gift to Heaven's Roll Call. Any amount is appreciated and will be used to help others know about Jesus love for them. Click on the link below to donate or you may mail a personal check to the address shown. If money is tight for you right now, would please include the ministry in your prayers?

Thank you in advance for visiting the Heaven's Roll Call website and for your financial help and prayers. I pray that God will bless you and yours always. May you feel God's presence as you read any of the inspirational and uplifting poems. Then live each day to honor him. Always remember - Jesus loves you no matter who or where you are! You are never alone.

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Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.
Luke 6:21

Bible versesWeeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh
in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

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