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God's Special AngelFree Inspirational Christian Poem Samples

Below are a few of the previous free uplifting printable poems that were emailed to those who registered on the "Contact Us" page. What I will do is add some thoughts for you to think about and give insight as to why I wrote the poem. Please share these uplifting Christian poems with everyone in your address book. You can also post any of these Christian poems on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any of the media sites. All copyright information must remain on the poem. Any of the "thoughts" I have included with the free poems are an option as far as sending or posting. Any questions? Please send an email to  me at

I pray these inspirational poems on death and heartache will encourage you if you are hurting after the death of a loved one or if you are going through a heartache of any kind. May you will feel God's loving arms around you. Whether you're going through a valley or on top of a mountain, please know that God loves you. Remember this always. 


God's Special Angel poem The Whisper
Walk Forward Come, My Precious One
God's Faithful Servant Jesus Chose to Die
God's Faithful Servant We'll Be United

With a donation in any amount I will mail you a copy of any poem displayed on either of the Heaven's Roll Call websites. Each inspirational and uplifting poem may be customized to fit your situations. Poems come professionally printed in 8.5" x 11" or bookmark size or postcard styles. If you have a custom request, send me an email and I promise to reply.