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My Precious Mom - Anna Schade Lueck (May 9, 1918 - August 20, 2008)

Mom with Grandma Schade
Mom as baby with Grandma Schade

Close up of Mom
Mom when she met my dad.
Mom standing by car
Mom at our home when we were kids. 

My mom and my best friend.

Mom bedridden with Sue
Mom was bedridden the last years of her life, but she always kept her faith in God. Her beautiful eyes and big smile would light up the room. 

My Precious Dad - Roy G. Lueck (April 11, 1916 - May 20, 1996)



Dad confirmation photo

Dad's confirmation photo


Dad and Susie

Dad with Susie (me) on kindergarten graduation. He was my hero.



Dad in brown sweater

Dad before his heart problems started.

Dad in hospital with bow tie
Quite a few years before my dad died, my daughter Melisa bought him a red  and earrings as a joke present for Christmas.  Even though he was in the hospital for his heart attack he had me take a photo to give my daughter. That was my dad! He had a great sense of humor and loved his family and grand kids.

My Precious and Only Brother - Douglas Roy Lueck (August 17, 1946 - October 2, 1966)

Baby Dougie crawling


Sue kindergarten with Doug
Dougie and Susie at her kindergarten graduation

Doug with our rabbit, Baby Dougie with his pet rabbit, "Baby".


Doug 1964 Graduation      Dougie's graduation  photo - 1964



Doug in uniform before go Vietnam
Dougie before he went to Viet Nam. (6-2-1966)

Doug with rifle in Vietnam Doug standing by bunker

Viet Nam photos of Dougie before he died.

Doug in bunker with rifle

For more photos and info, please go to the main Heaven's Roll Call website.

Doug with John by helicopter they flew in

Dougie in Viet Nam. He was a gunner on this helicopter, but when the fighting got worse, he was pulled to the ground where he died - October 2, 1966.
Dougie was the best brother a sister could ask for. He was my protector and when he died I felt a part of me died, too.

Doug sit on bunker with tent

I love the 3 of you! See you all in heaven one day!

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