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July 2017 Free Poem - Be with Jesus

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of dog and cat sitting while my son and his family went on vacation. It was nice to get away although I brought my laptop with so I could stay on top of the ministry website and keep contact with some precious friends I made through it. The weather was perfect and I love animals so I was all set until evening when I tried to get on the computer... then the TV. It turned out neither of them worked so I ended up having a lot of time to myself. 

     It is surprising how much even I rely on the internet to get things done and stay in contact with people. Since they don't have a landline, I brought with my Magic Jack and computer phone to call family and friends, but found out without the internet that didn't work either. I cannot tell you how lost I felt. Since it wasn't my home, I couldn't clean closets or go through papers to toss. Their home is clean and the yard is the same so there I sat...

     I watered the plants outside and for the first time saw the details of each flower petal with their various shades of color reflecting in the sun. When I turned around there were about 5 different types of birds gathering to have their breakfast on the bird feeders. I breathed in the fresh air as I watched his neighbor's horses that seem to be playing tag with each other. Afterwards I played with the dog and we walked around exploring different plants and bugs! Needless to say all of this probably took me only a hour and there I was again.      
     The best thing I did was when I pulled up a chair and stared up at the beautiful blue sky. It was like I could feel God's presence all around me and I was no longer alone in my thoughts. Memories of my past flooded into my head. It was like I watching a movie of when I was little. There I saw mom and dad with all us 6 kids. I saw our home and could hear the laughter of all of us along with the smell of fresh homemade bread mom would bake. I remembered fishing with my dad, playing hide and seek with Dougie and Sally, the ballgames we used to play on the road with all the neighbor kids, dad and his brothers playing guitars, etc. It was one of the best times of my life and Jesus was there with me through all of it.
     I wrote the July 2017 uplifting printable poem, "Be with Jesus," to challenge you for 1 weekend to put down your phones, computers, I-Pads, and anything that is electrical or runs on batteries. Take your family or just yourself and hang outside away from everyone. Reconnect with each other and give up the temptation of "having" to stay in contact with the world. It can and will go on without you after you die so it can get along without you for 1 weekend, too. Get your priorities back to what they used to be and live the life God has given you before it is too late. I cannot tell you how much it changed me and how good I feel now. Please do it for yourself. You won't regret it.Jesus is there for you.

July 2017 Poem - Be with Jesus