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Closing Comment

Do What's RightBlessings to You and Yours!                                                                                                                      May 1, 2017  

It is a cool rainy day and the rain continues to come down. There isn't a bird in sight so that tells me it will probably be raining for quite a while. Inside my condo it is about 66° and quiet. I love times like this when I can be with God

without any distractions. It gives me peace of mind and I am able to refuel for the days ahead. These are also the times I am able to look back and see the many times Jesus was by my side and yet other times how I pushed him away thinking I knew what was best for me. Luckily the older I get the smarter and stronger my faith becomes. I now know when to pick my battles and when to be quiet... most of the time! 

The 2017 May inspirational Christian poem is called, "Do What's Right." We all have choices we must make every day. You may have lost a loved one and now have to deal with relatives. Will you keep your mouth shut even though they may be wrong? Maybe at work there are things being done that are illegal. Will you speak up or keep quiet? If you are in school and a fellow student makes a degrading comment about someone, will you say something? What if someone is asking you to lie? Will you? There are many times you will be confronted with the choice of doing what God says or being too afraid to speak up. What choice will you make?

About 20 years ago I worked for a home improvement company and was asked to lie on some papers that were being filled out with the wrong dollar amount. When I refused to lie, the sales manager yelled at me and said I was to do what he said. Needless to say when I didn't, about a week later my position at the company was deleted. I was told it was due to budget cuts. Was I scared? Yes. Did I cry when I lost my job? Yes. Was it unfair? Yes. Did I wish I had lied so I could have kept my job? No!

No matter what you are up against, please know that God is right behind you and has your back. Life is hard, but God is great. Stand up for what is right no matter what the consequence. God will be faithful and in the end you will triumph. That company I had worked for... they closed their doors less than 3 months later!

Make it a fantastic May and remember you are a child of God so do what's right. You are representing Him. He will always have your back. Please share the uplifting poem with others. 

May 2017 Free Poem - Do What's Right

Do What's Right